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Who are we?

Your best partner in purposeful sweetening solutions.

Durabilis Sweeteners provides a reliable and sustainable supply of sweetening solutions, building on its history of Innovation and Inspiration.

Our capability means we can tailor the solutions to the needs of our customers.

Our solutions are based on organic and fair trade practices benefiting the planet and its people.

Sustainable and organic farming

All grown in LATAM

Committed team of experts

Sustainable and organic farming

All grown in LATAM

Committed team of experts

Our purposeful brands

We offer the best tasting organic and natural panela from the mountains of the north of Peru, where it’s also given rise to a brand-new product that mixes the best of the panela and stevia in one magical sweetener: Panevia.

Our stevia extracts are grown in South America, under fair working conditions for local farmers.  You can directly impact these farmers by working with us as your reliable supplier.


Good for you, good for the planet


Our purest and sweetest panela from Peru. Originating from Montero, the cradle of organic panela, and grown exclusively by small farmers.

​It can be used to sweeten a wide array of food products.


Our perfect blend of stevia and panela. Natural and organic sweetener, produced and sourced in a fair and inclusive way in Montero in northern Peru. This product has Zero Calories* 

* Panevia is not a significant source of calories


Innovation & Inspiration


Good sweetness profile and proven to substitute with existing products today.


Good sweetness profile at a low cost. Ideal for cost reduction projects and non-aggressive sugar reductions.



Improved sweetness profile with cost to performance equivalence to replace current high-end products.


Great sweetness profile and competes effectively with high end products in the marketplace.


The best sweetness profile, can replace very high-end blends and engineered products at a cost competitive level.

Inspire the planet starts here and now!

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