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sweetening solutions
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Your preferred partner in sustainable sweetening solutions.

You’ve worked for so long develop the perfect taste in all your products and now you can do it with natural sweetening solutions.

You don’t have to sacrifice taste to achieve it and better yet, you can do it an organic, sustainable way.

Our team of experts will help you along the process with tailor-made solutions specially designed for your applications.

Sustainable and
organic farming

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Panevia solutions

The perfect blend of STEVIA & PANELA


Our Stevia is grown in Latin America, under fair working conditions for local farmers.


We share a common goal of achieving calorie reduction without changing your product’s taste.

Experienced team

Our deep knowledge of stevia combined with our years of experience in formulations make us your perfect partner to build a unique Stevia sweetening solutions for your applications.


The sustainability is part of our DNA and we work along the productive chain with the firm purpose of generating a positive impact on the planet: Improving the condition of local farmers, respecting our lands and developing a better life quality for the consumers. that’s how we can make your product better.

Organic farming

We offer truly organic stevia with sustainable agricultural practices and utmost respect for nature.

Latam based

We support local farmers in Latam assuring traceability and taste consistency.


Our purest and sweetest panela from Peru. Made from organic sugar cane juice and grown exclusively by local small farmers in the highlands.

It can be used to sweeten a wide array of food products.



Each individual cane is harvested by hand at the perfect time.

Cane is passed through a crushing machine and the sap flows to the process.

Bagass is used to fuel the evaporation of water.

Cane Juice goes through a series of heaters and flocculation tanks.

Panela is allowed to cool and crystalize.

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